Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of, providing on-demand cloud computing services.

It offer services such as compute, storage, database, content delivery and management tools etc.

These services are used by organization to scale and grow their business.

A key features on which AWS works are AWS global Infrastructure and AWS security and compliance.

1. AWS Global Infrastructure:

AWS expand its global infrastructure to provide services to large number of enterprises.

AWS emphasis on lowering the latency (delay) and increasing throughput of infrastructure.

It provide highly available infrastructure having multiple location worldwide.

Locations are consist of Regions and Availability Zones

  • Regions:

Regions are the separate geographical area.

Each region is completely separated from other region

Isolation is done to provide highly fault tolerance and stable network.

Region are consist of multiple availability zones.

  • Availability Zone:

Each region consist of multiple isolated location known as Availability Zones.

Availability Zones in a particular region are connected through a low-latency link.

Availability Zones between different region are completely isolated and are located in lower-risk flood plain.

Availability Zones consist data centers equipped with redundant power, networking and connectivity and are housed in separate facilities.


2.Security and Compliance:

Security – most important aspect for Amazon Web Services.

In AWS, Security is given first priority to gain trust and confidence of their customers using their services.

AWS provide various tools and add various features dealing with the security of data and resources.

AWS design an infrastructure that is monitored and protected by maintaining data privacy and segregation while providing higher availability of resources.

Compliance help organizations to establish and operate in an AWS security control environment.

Certification and standards that AWS complies for security purpose:

  • Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1/ International Standard on Assurance Engagement (ISAE) 3402, SOC2 and SOC 3
  • International organization for standardization (ISO) 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27018

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