1. What is Network?
2. Types of Networks:
● Local Area Network
● Metropolitan Area Network
● Wide Area Network
● Personal Area Network
● Storage Area Network
● Enterprise Private Network
● Virtual Private Network
3. Network Elements

What is Network?

A group of devices are connected to each other to form a network.
Network is the collection of two or more computers, servers and other
network elements.
The connection between the devices may be wired or wireless.
Example of Network is Internet , where million of peoples are
interconnected to each other.

Types of Networks:

Based on Network Size:
● Personal Area Network (PAN)
● Local Area Network(LAN)
● Metropolitan Area Network
● Wide Area Network (WAN)

Based on Purpose:
● Storage Area Network (SAN)
● Enterprise Private Network
● Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Personal Area Network

It is a computer network which is
organized within the environment of
individual users.
It is the interconnection of
information technology devices
such as computers, telephones,
tablets and personal digital

Local Area Network It is a computer network whose
range is restricted to a particular
geographic area such as office
building, college campus etc.
Its range lies within the radius of
less than 1 km.
The installation and maintenance of
this network is easy.
Transmission technology used in
LAN network are Ethernet and

Metropolitan Area Network
A Metropolitan Area network (MAN)
is similar to local area network (LAN)
but it connect the entire city or
MAN is formed by connecting
various LANs.
It range lies between 2 – 50 km.
The design and maintenance of
network is difficult.

Wide Area Network

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is the
computer network which extends to
a larger geographical area.
It connect different smaller network
including LANs and MANs.
The speed of network is slow.
Example is Internet.

Storage Area Network

A Storage area network (SAN) is a
dedicated high speed network.
It interconnects and present a
shared pool of storage devices to
multiple servers.
SAN is assembled using cabling,
Host Bus Adapter (HBAs) and
SAN network is more expensive,
complex and difficult to manage.

Enterprise Private Network

A Enterprise Private network (EPN) is
the network built by an enterprise to
connect various company sites e.g.
production site, shops, marketing
office and head office.
It is built to share same computer
resources in the network.
It integrates all the system within an

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a
network technology that creates a
secure network connection over a
public network i.e internet
Or A Virtual Private Network is a
method used to add security and
privacy to private and public
networks like WiFi Hotspots.
To gain access to the private
network, a user is authenticated
using a unique identification and a

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