MATLAB Environment


MATLAB environment consists of following main parts
1. Command Window
2. Command History
3. Workspace
4. Current Folder
5. Editor Window

Command Window

1. Main window in MATLAB.
2. Used to enter variables.
3. Used to run functions and M-file scripts.
4. All commands are typed after command prompt “>>”.

Command History

1. Statements entered in command window are logged in Command History.
2. View and search previously run statements.
3. Copy and execute selected statements.


1. List all variables used as long as MATLAB has opened.
2. Type “who” in command window to list all the commands used.
3. Type “whos” to list all the commands with current values, dimensions, etc.
4. “clear” command is used to clear all the variables from workspace.
5. Save all the variables and data to text file (.mat file) to use it for later.

Current Folder

1. Lists all m files, etc. available in current directory.
2. Set working folder as current directory or as a part of the search path so that MATLAB will find the files easily.


1. Used to create scripts and m-files.
2. Click the “New Script” button in the Toolbar.

“Help” System

1. Type “help” in command window to go through various topics.
2. Type “help elfun” (Elementary Math Function), and MATLAB will list all the functions according to specific category.
3. “help<function_name>” command is used to get specific help about this function.
4. To open the help window on the specific topic of interest, use “doc<topic>” command.
5. help keyword is used to get help for a specific function, but lookfor command is used to search for all functions, etc. with a specific keyword.
6. Example: >>lookfor plot



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