Tips and Tricks

Naming Conversions

While creating variables and constants, create a name that is not already exists by using “which” command.

Large or Small Numbers

To write large or small numbers, like 2 x 10^5, 7.5 x 10^-8 “e” notation is used as:

Line Continuation

Large arrays, split the row across several command lines by using the line continuation operator “…”.

Multiple commands on same line

Type several commands on the same line to save space.

Basic operations

Basic matrix operations are:
+         Addition
–          Subtraction
*         Multiplication
/         Division
^         Power

Array Operations

In this the basic matrix operations can be modified for element-by-element operations by preceding the operator with a period.
+         Addition
–          Subtraction
.*         Multiplication
./         Division
.^         Power

Example is given as:



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