Cyber Threats

● Cyber Threats
● Source of Cyber Threats
● Cyber Threats types
● Cyber Security Index Level

Cyber Threats
A Cyber threat is any malicious act that attempts to gain access to a computer
network without authorization or permission from the owners.
It refers to the wide range of malicious activities that can damage or disrupt a
computer system , a network or the information it contain.
Most common cyber threats : Social Engineered Trojans, Unpatched Software ,
Phishing, Network worms etc

Source of Cyber Threats
● Nation states or national governments
● Terrorists
● Industrial secret agent
● Hackers
● Business competitors
● Organization insiders

Types of Cyber Threats
Threats can be classified according to multiple criteria:
1. Attacker’s Resources
2. Attacker’s Organization
3. Attacker’s Funding
On basis of these criteria, threats are of 3 types:
1. Unstructured Threats
2. Structured Threats
3. Highly Structured threats

Types of Cyber Threats
1. Unstructured Threats:
Resources: individual or small group
Organization: Little or no organization
Funding : negligible
Attack: Easy to detect and make use of freely available cyberattack tool
Exploitation based on Documented vulnerabilities.
2. Structured Threats:
Resources: well trained individual or group
Organization: well planned organization
Funding : available
Attack: against particular individual or organizations
Exploitation based on information Gathering.
3. Highly Structured Threats:
Extensive organization, resources and planning over time.
Attack: long term attack on particular machine or data.
Exploitation with multiple methods: technical, social and insider help

Cyber Security Index Level
Cyber threats are evaluated daily by the CTU (counter threat unit) and updated
the index level:
1. Guarded – Level 1
2. Elevated – Level 2
3. High – Level 3
4. Critical – Level 4

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