● Evolution of internet
● What is Cyberspace?
● Increase in Internet insecurities.
● What is Cybercrime?

Evolution of Internet
● Russian Sputnik 1 (1957)
● Invention of internet by ARPA (1958)
● ARPANET (1970)
● Internetworking (1977)
● World wide web (1990)

Cyberspace is the environment of the internet.
It is the home of google, facebook, yahoo and many more.
The term was coined by William Gibson
Cyberspace is a ideal electronics space unbounded by distance and other
physical limitation.
It allows the users to share information, interact, swap ideas, play games,
engage in discussions or social forums, conduct business, create media and
many other activities.

Internet Insecurities
Internet insecurity spreads at Internet speed:
● Morris worm of 1988
● Password sniffing attacks in 1994
● IP spoofing attacks in 1995
● Denial of service attacks in 1996
● Email borne viruses 1999

Internet insecurity spreads at Internet speed
● Distributed denial of service attacks 2000
● Ransomware attack in mid 2000
● Fast spreading worms and viruses 2003
● Spam 2004

Cyber Crime is any illegal activity that involves a computer or
network-connected device, such as a mobile phone.
Cybercrime is divided into three categories by Department of justice:
● Crimes in which the computing device is the target.
● Crimes in which the computer is used as a weapon.
● Crimes in which the computer is used as an accessory to a crime.
It include malicious activities such as
● Illegal interception of data
● System interferences
● Copyright infringements
● Sale of illegal items like weapons, drugs

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