Security Architecture

● Security Architecture
● Four stages of Adaptive Security Architecture
● Security Architecture Feature
● Benefits

Security Architecture
Security architecture is the design artifacts
It describe how to apply the security controls and how they relate to the
overall systems architecture.
It addresses the necessities and potential risks involved in a certain scenario or

Four Stages of Security Architecture
Security Architecture is a real-time network security model.
Four Stages of Security Architecture are:
● Preventive
● Detective
● Retrospective
● Predictive

Four Stages of Security Architecture
● Preventive: include precautionary policies, products and processes
● Detective: detects the threat that bypass the preventive layer
● Retrospective: finds the issue, analyse it and present new preventive
● Predictive: monitor all the activities and keeps the security team on alert
by providing them detail information.

Security Architecture Features
The key features of security architecture:
● Dependency
● Standardization
● cost-effective
● Different Forms
● Security Control
Benefits of Security Architecture
Adaptive Security Architecture provide organisations and businesses the
following benefits:
● Real-time Monitoring and Responses
● Filtering and Prioritization
● Reduce Threat Amplification
● Shrink the Attack Surface
● Decrease the Attack Velocity
● Reduce Remediation Time

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